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Physics Wallah, started as a YouTube Channel, by Alakh Pandey
Alakh Pandey joined hands with Prateek Maheshwari
The PW App was launched
5 Million Subscribers on YT, Foundation of PW as an ed-tech organization and got 60k+ registrations
Gopal Sharma joins the team and paves the way for offline coaching centres
20 Pathshalas, 7 Vidyapeeths, and 50+ exam categories and counting, 1st VP registered 30k+ students. Impacted the life of students with life-wellness coaches
100+ Offline Centres in 75+ Cities Across India, Launch of PW Gurukulam School
After revolutionizing the ed-tech scenario in exam preparation and making high-quality education affordable across multiple categories and modes—online, offline, integrated, and hybrid—PW has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative by establishing its own school. This marks a significant stride in our journey, driven by the unwavering vision of our founders. Beyond the realm of exam-centric education, we are extending our expertise to the grassroots of the Indian Education System through PW Gurukulam School. This evolution is fueled by a passion for academic excellence, a seamless blend of technology and convenience, and a renewed focus on holistic development. Our commitment is not merely to create students who excel academically but to help every child discover and actualize their unique potential. PW is on a mission to redefine the education landscape, providing a nurturing environment where students don't just meet academic standards but surpass them, becoming the best versions of themselves. As we launch PW Gurukulam School, we carry forward the legacy of excellence and innovation, propelling our journey from being pioneers in ed-tech to shaping the future of education at its very foundation.